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Welcome to Ksenia Mirella

Ksenia Mirella Jewellery, a contemporary brand founded by a strong and empowered woman, draws inspiration from the grace and fearlessness exhibited by remarkable women worldwide. With a deep appreciation for the power of symbols, shapes, and stones, each collection within the Ksenia Mirella brand carries profound significance beyond mere aesthetics.


Ksenia Mirella Jewellery is a modern brand inspired by the grace and fearlessness of powerful women worldwide. Each collection carries symbolic meaning, reflecting our belief in the significance of symbols, shapes, and stones. Our designs celebrate modern femininity, empowering and inspiring individuals to embrace their strength and uniqueness. Explore our diverse range of jewellery pieces, from delicate and minimalistic to bold and statement-making, and discover the artistry and symbolism that sets Ksenia Mirella apart. Embrace your inner power and adorn yourself with jewellery that reflects the fearless woman you are.

Letter From Ksenia

In 2019, I embarked on a journey to bring my creative vision to life through the art of jewellery making, culminating in the establishment of Ksenia Mirella Jewellery. With an extensive six-year background in the industry, constantly expanding my knowledge and expertise, I knew the time had come to channel my ideas into my own luxury jewellery brand.


At the heart of Ksenia Mirella Jewellery lies a deep-rooted belief in the spiritual power held by symbols, shapes, and stones. These elements serve as transformative tools, harmonizing and directing our energy towards the achievement of our dreams and aspirations. Each collection within the KM house goes beyond mere aesthetics, bearing symbolic significance and carrying a profound purpose.

The development of our core collections took over a year of dedicated craftsmanship. It was of utmost importance to me that every creation possessed a soul and a distinct personality, meticulously crafted with attention to detail. From delving into history, astrology, mythology, to drawing inspiration from architectural marvels, every element tells a story and holds meaning.


Looking ahead, my team and I aspire to make a positive impact in the lives of all who encounter Ksenia Mirella. We approach the future with a mix of humility and excitement, eager to unveil the potential that lies before us. Join us on this remarkable journey, as we document our progress and share our passion through our blog. Your presence and support are most welcome as we shape a captivating future together.

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